Fresh Plant Milk was the result of my Final Major Project in my last year of University. I created the concept, branding and marketing for Fresh, which produces a variety of plant milks.
The unique selling point for Fresh is that the bottles are made from glass and feature a leak-proof lid. As all of the labels are able to be peeled off, Fresh encourages the consumer to 'reuse don't recycle'. The packaging for the milk bottles is also unique, steering away from the typography-driven packaging that the plant milk market is so saturated with. The packaging features a bright colour scheme, with each type of plant milk having its own distinctive pattern. Because the packaging is so fun and playful, as well as reusable, consumers would be likely to want to collect them all, therefore trying more of the products of the brand.
As well as through its reusable packaging, Fresh also encourages sustainability through the promotion of reusable tote bags and coffee cups. These are in the same patterns as the milk bottles to maintain consistency.
For the brand I created the logo, visuals for the milk bottles, coffee cups, tote bags and promotional posters, as well as social media and website mock-ups.

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