For my Green Design module at university, I worked with CAT (Centre for Alternative Technology’ to create content supporting their ‘Zero Carbon Britain’ campaign. The brief was to choose two sectors to focus on to create posters for, and I chose Deforestation and Plastic Pollution.
For the Deforestation poster, I created an illustration of a pair of lungs made up of branches and leaves along with the heading 'It's Getting Harder To Breathe' to reinforce to fact that trees create oxygen and deforestation is destroying them. I went for a natural colour scheme, using beiges, browns and greens which are associated with nature and trees.
For the Plastic poster, I decided to relate it back to how this issue affects the audience. During my research I found out that a third of fish caught in the UK contains plastic, which is then eaten by people. I used an illustration of a can of tuna with the words 'Now with added plastic' to shock the audience. I used marine themed colours such as teal and blue and used a bright yellow to add contrast.

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