In my third year of university, I took part in a module called 'Pressure Projects'. For this project, we were put into teams and had 24 hours to create deliverables for a client. In this case, the client was 'Hundred House Coffee', a speciality coffee roaster based in Shropshire. Myself and my university peer Katrina ( worked on the posters.
The client was keen to incorporate textures and an analogue, handmade feel. We decided to firstly create a poster for each blend of their coffee, using expressive, hand drawn typography over their logo shape which has a screen printed, offset effect to keep with the handmade feel. The colour of the logo shape corresponds to the colour of the packaging for each particular blend. 
We also created a second set of posters using the same texture, colours and logo shape. However, these posters were to be displayed in coffee shops to advertise that Hundred House Coffee is being sold there. We decided to incorporate taglines that the client was keen to include, and gave these some personality by jumbling some of the letters around.
Both sets of posters were then used to create web banners and badges.

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